Becoming a massage therapist...

So I've been told I need to start blogging, so here goes.  I decided some time early last year (2017) that I wanted a career change after having baby no.2.  I've always loved massage and think I'm pretty good at it, or have been told by my family, (especially remember giving my Grandad foot massages. and he always pretended that I hadn't done the other foot so inevitably I did each foot twice).
I then spent hours researching different schools and what I could 1-afford, and 2-work round family. I decided on London school of Massage and enrolled. Then it dawned on me that I was a student again, and fear and panic ensued, how was I going to study with 2 kids running around, (well one was anyway) and would my brain be able to retain information, we all know about baby brain (yes it is a real thing), plus I hadn't really needed to use proper brain power working in hospitality. I started working on some of the assignments before the training started and got totally absorbed into complimentary therapies, researching Alexander technique, Lymphatic drainage, Ayurveda (wow - now that is one big history lesson in complimentary medicine, healthy living, massage and a way of life). London school of Massage was everything I hoped it to be, engaging, passionate and plus I had way more anatomy info filed away in my brain than I thought I did from A levels and degree, which was a massive sigh of relief.
I loved the training experience, cramming loads of anatomy info in the mornings, then half the afternoon spent lying down getting massaged - bonus!!!! Don't get me wrong, it was hard work and the tutor was always testing us and pushing us, plus having to write up all the case studies.
SO after the fear subsided and I really got into my new career I now had to start thinking about marketing myself, (I have since discovered that I am not very good and blowing my own trumpet), something which you have to do to be seen and heard and booked by future clients.
I'm 6 months down the line after finishing my first massage exam and have became a student once again and training to be a STOTT Pilates instructor alongside massaging, I must be mad, but enjoying every minute!!!
Thanks for reading. x.